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Nestled on the northern tip of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, Lajares presents itself as a hidden gem for digital nomads seeking a blend of tranquility and adventure. This quaint village, though small in size, bursts with a vibrant energy, characterized by its laid-back lifestyle, artistic community, and a stunning natural landscape that invites exploration. Lajares is a place where the desert meets the sea, offering a unique backdrop for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The local culture is a tapestry of traditional Spanish influences and a strong surf and artisan vibe, making it a captivating destination for creatives and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The best season to visit Lajares is arguably between April and November, when the weather is most favorable for surfing, hiking, and enjoying the local beaches. Unique experiences abound, from participating in surf competitions to exploring the volcanic landscapes. The village is also known for its weekly craft market, a testament to its thriving artisan community. Lajares' cuisine reflects its coastal location, with fresh seafood and traditional Canarian dishes taking center stage. Nightlife may be quieter than in larger cities, but there are several welcoming bars and restaurants that offer a cozy atmosphere for evening outings. Internet speed in Lajares is generally reliable, supporting remote work needs. The cost of living is moderate, making it an accessible option for many digital nomads. Safety is a strong suit of this small community, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. Spanish is the predominant language, though the international nature of the surfing community means English is widely understood. The average weather in Lajares is mild and pleasant year-round, with more sunny days than not, making it an ideal location for those seeking a warm climate.


Lajares' culture is a vibrant mix of traditional Spanish heritage and a modern, artistic flair, heavily influenced by its surf and artisan communities. The village is a hub for creativity, where local artisans and international artists converge, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. This cultural melting pot is reflected in the variety of workshops, galleries, and markets that dot the village, offering a glimpse into the local craftsmanship and artistic talent.


Lajares is known for its high level of safety, with a low crime rate and a friendly community that welcomes visitors. Digital nomads can feel at ease exploring the village and its surroundings, enjoying a peaceful lifestyle that is conducive to both work and relaxation.

Internet speed

Internet speed in Lajares is generally reliable, with most accommodations and cafes providing sufficient connectivity to meet the needs of remote workers. This allows digital nomads to stay connected and productive while enjoying the village's serene environment.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Lajares is moderate, making it an accessible destination for digital nomads on various budgets. While some expenses, such as accommodation, may be higher during peak tourist seasons, overall, the village offers a cost-effective option for those looking to enjoy its unique lifestyle without breaking the bank.


While Lajares may not boast a bustling nightlife scene, it offers a selection of bars and restaurants that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for evening outings. These establishments are perfect for digital nomads looking to unwind after a day of work or exploration, offering a chance to socialize with locals and fellow travelers in a relaxed setting.


Spanish is the predominant language in Lajares, though the village's international appeal means that English is widely understood, especially within the surfing and artisan communities. This makes it easier for digital nomads from around the world to communicate and engage with the local culture.


The cuisine in Lajares is a delightful blend of traditional Canarian dishes and fresh seafood, reflecting its coastal location. Local specialties include 'papas arrugadas' (wrinkled potatoes) served with 'mojo' sauce, and a variety of seafood dishes that highlight the fresh catch of the day. The village's restaurants and cafes offer a cozy setting to enjoy these culinary delights, often accompanied by stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Average weather

The average weather in Lajares is characterized by mild temperatures and a sunny disposition, making it an attractive destination year-round. The climate is particularly appealing to those seeking a warm, comfortable environment to work and play, with minimal rainfall and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Best season

The best season to visit Lajares spans from April to November, when the weather conditions are ideal for outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and beach outings. During these months, the village comes alive with visitors and locals alike enjoying the sunny days and mild temperatures, making it the perfect time for digital nomads to explore the area's natural beauty and engage with the community.

Cultural festivities

Lajares hosts several cultural festivities throughout the year, including surf competitions that attract participants from around the globe. The weekly craft market is a highlight, showcasing the work of local artisans and offering a taste of the village's vibrant artistic scene. These events provide a unique opportunity for digital nomads to immerse themselves in the local culture and connect with both the resident and international communities.